On 40 Years.

Since we opened our doors in 1979, we’ve faced some of the greatest challenges in financial history: the inflationary period of the late 70s, the Reagan Recovery, the S&L Crisis, the Dot Com Boom and Bust, and The Great Recession of 2008 followed by the longest bull market in history.

Quite a ride. And we’ve experienced it all.

More importantly we’ve gained experience from it all.

And what our experience tells us is that what may first appear to be a wild roller coaster ride is really just another curve in a long and winding road. And knowing that has been the key to preserving and growing our clients’ wealth through all of it.

No knee-jerk reactions. No get rich quick schemes. No complex investment vehicles. Just the simple and thoughtful preservation and growth of your wealth.

Sexy? Absolutely not. Worthy of the work you put into your worth? You bet.

At Cadinha, we promise we will always be worthy of your worth.

Worth. Worthy.