ESG, Diversity & Inclusion, and
Climate Policies

Since day one, Cadinha values have been aligned with ESG.

Mission Statement: With Aloha. Always.

Cadinha & Co., LLC (“Cadinha”) is a Registered Investment Advisory (“RIA”) firm that provides investment management services to high-net-worth clients, families, businesses, and institutions. Since 1979, our firm has strived to deliver the highest quality of service to our clients, helping them achieve their financial objectives and fulfill their lifelong goals. We accomplish this by implementing an investment philosophy that focuses on capital preservation and long-term growth while also operating our firm with a wholistic approach to management that is based on the key principles of the aloha spirit and the kuleana (responsibility) that accompanies this spirit.

Aloha is more commonly known as a salutation throughout the world, but in Hawaiian culture, the word embodies an essence of being. Aloha is a value steeped with unconditional compassion and a mutual understanding of respect that leads to harmony with others and the surrounding environment. Regardless of where we work or what services we offer, we understand that it is our duty to infuse Aloha in what we do. Translated into our daily lives, this means that with every decision and action, we consider the impact on others, our community, and the environment. As Registered Investment Advisers and fiduciaries, we are required by law to act in the best interests of our clients. But we don’t need a law to tell us to do that; it’s in our DNA. With Aloha. Always.


Since 1979, Cadinha has built sustainable business practices in how we run our firm and how we invest. Our Employee Handbook, Code of Ethics, and Compliance Manual offer a comprehensive overview of the firm’s values, processes and procedures.

Every Cadinha employee is responsible for upholding these values and executing these processes and procedures. Consideration towards ESG, Diversity & Inclusion, and the Climate are the responsibility of every member of our team, and it is a responsibility that we take seriously.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Policy

Focusing on ESG policies and principles are core to Cadinha’s continued growth and are engrained in our culture as a firm and community. These principles are evident in our everyday practices as a firm and are essential to our continued success.

Environmental Policy
Cadinha is committed to implementing environmental best practices for our operations. This policy describes Cadinha’s practices and programs that work to reduce our environmental impact and drive sustainable operating procedures.

The depletion of natural resources and the threat this poses raises concerns for the environment and the potential impact on our future way of life. As a financial services firm, we recognize our duty is to operate responsibly and in a manner that is considerate of the environment. As advisors, we guide our clients to consider reporting options (i.e., electronic delivery) that are mutually beneficial to their needs as well as the environment.

Social Impact Policy
At Cadinha, being responsible community members is strongly encouraged and is reflected in our core values. Our social impact policy aims to enrich the communities where we operate by providing continued contribution through engagement and support. As investment professionals, we seek to continually invest in strategies that reflect these values.

Corporate Governance Policy
Cadinha is committed to building a culture dedicated to ethical business behavior and responsible corporate activity. We believe that establishing strong corporate governance and strong business practices are essential to our continued success.

Diversity & Inclusion Policy

As a firm that is minority and women-owned, at Cadinha, diversity and inclusion are values that are instinctive and applied every day. Our policies towards employment and providing equal opportunity to all candidates date back to the founding of our firm.  Cadinha seeks to employ the best-qualified individuals from the available labor force and to provide them with opportunities for advancement. Discrimination is not tolerated at Cadinha.

Climate Policy

Cadinha’s climate policy is simple; when feasible, reduce negative effects on the climate.