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“My front-row seat during the 2007 – 2008 financial crisis has given me a unique appreciation for the time spent and care taken to ensure each of our clients’ specific needs are met, all while limiting the risk necessary in achieving their individual goals.”

Arthur J. Mallet

Excecutive Vice President

You could say that finance is in Arthur’s blood. After all, as founders of la banque Mallet in 1713, the first private bank in France, his family’s been in the business for, oh, about 300 years.

With triple citizenship in the U.S., France and Switzerland, Arthur earned a B.S. in finance from Lehigh University. He had a baptism by fire at Bear, Stearns & Co. during the 2008 financial crisis and joined Cadinha in 2010 where he oversees operations at both the Honolulu and Park City offices. His job is to see that Cadinha is running at peak efficiency.

As a citizen of three nations, you’d think he’d never feel out of place. But Hawaii kinda threw him for a loop. To fight his homesickness he started paddling outrigger canoes. It was a great introduction to some of the things that make Hawaii such a unique and special place. It is an ultimate team sport where the goal is to paddle as one. You trust your teammates not only to take you to a higher level but also to get you safely back to shore. Just like life at Cadinha.

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“I was raised on Molokai where we all looked after one another. Molokai is about family, ohana; helping each other through life. Helping people achieve their financial goals just feels natural.”

Bradley F. Totherow, CFP

Vice President

Perhaps no one on our team embraces the concept of ohana, or family, like Brad does. Whether he’s cooking, traveling, or hanging out with his wife and kids, it’s all about ohana – helping each other through life. And he’s been bringing that philosophy to Cadinha clients every day for 30 years.

Brad joined Cadinha & Company in 1988 as a research analyst and has held many positions within the firm including President, CEO and Chief Investment Officer. Currently, Brad concentrates his time developing individual equity ideas and is a member of Cadinha’s investment team. He also serves as one of six portfolio managers responsible for implementing the firm’s strategies into client portfolios. He holds a B.S. in business administration from Colorado State University and in 2005 earned the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation.

Brad has served on many nonprofit boards including Duke Kahanamoku, Kupu Hawaii, which serves the growing needs in training our next generation of youth, Kapiolani Health Foundation, which raises funds to improve health care services for the Women and Children of Hawaii, and the Outdoor Circle, whose mission is to protect and preserve our beautiful Hawaiian environment.

Brad’s greatest passion is his family. A close second, though, is the ocean. As a waterman, the ocean is his source of calm. During the financial crisis of 2008 he recalls driving home not knowing if the markets would even open the next day. He finishes that thought with, “But at the end of the day, I knew I had the ocean to soothe my soul.”

What makes Cadinha worthy of your worth? We explain here.

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The Cadinha Team

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“Survival always depends on a healthy cynicism about what is deemed to be the accepted view.”

Harlan J. Cadinha

Founder, Chairman and Chief Strategist

Back in the early eighties, Harlan decided to sit for the CFA exam which is easily as tough as the bar or CPA exam. During the third part of the test (a seven-hour marathon) he was asked to take in all the business and market data about Federated Department Stores, JC Penney and Walmart and then predict which company would be most successful in the future. Harlan chose Walmart. Neither the examiners nor the conventional wisdom liked that choice. Harlan failed the exam.

Today, Federated is struggling and JC Penney is barely hanging on. Walmart’s 2017 sales exceeded the GDP of Poland. So much for the conventional wisdom. And so much for second guessing Harlan’s.

As our founder, chairman and chief strategist, Harlan provides that kind of thinking to Cadinha clients. He is responsible for prescribing asset allocation and strategy shifts that take advantage of changes in the economic climate. Harlan’ macroeconomic insights have been the guiding force in our success preserving and growing client wealth — all from a perspective beyond conventional wisdom.

Born in Lahaina, Maui, Harlan is the only son of teacher parents who were born and raised on the Big Island. In addition to family, Harlan’s loves have included surfing, particularly when the waves were ten feet and glassy, football and baseball. If he could do anything other than what he does, all things being the same, he’d be a coach. Of course, to everyone at Cadinha, that’s exactly what he is.

Harlan has been married to Kaleialoha (Kenney) Cadinha for over 50 years. They have two children and six grandchildren.

And word on the street is that he is the Eric Clapton of the ukulele.

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“We treat your portfolio as if it were our own.”

Harlan B.K. Cadinha

Vice President

Harlan and Kalei represent the second generation of Cadinhas at Cadinha and, in many cases, are taking care of a third generation of clients. Ohana. It’s everywhere.

After earning a B.A. in economics and history from the University of the Redlands and an M.B.A. in finance from Chaminade University, Harlan joined Cadinha in 1995. He manages client portfolios, performs securities’ research and administers the firm’s investment procedures. He’s also an ETF specialist and performs data and research analysis for our Global Portfolio Strategies. Harlan takes a preservation-of-capital approach to investment management, always erring on the side of protecting client wealth.

Harlan and his dad share a lifelong love of baseball. And, not surprisingly, find a lot of life lessons in the game. Home runs are exciting, but they aren’t really what wins the game. It’s the high percentage side of the game – base hits, strikes, fielding – you know, the boring stuff, that gets the job done. When you’ve got a guy on third, you
don’t swing for the fences when a single will get him home.

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“How does one value one’s worth? For each of us, the answer is uniquely different and always more than what can be summarized in a monthly statement.”

Kaleialoha K. Cadinha-Pua‘a

Chief Executive Officer & Vice Chairman

Kalei’s career in investment management likely began on Christmas when she was in the fourth grade. Among the envelopes with cash from her grandparents was one from her father, Harlan. It contained a note stating, “You are the proud owner of 10 shares of BMY.” There would be no more roller skates. From then on, Thanksgiving was a portfolio meeting where the kids would present the research they’d done on the companies whose stocks they wanted for Christmas. She admits that it kind of “stunk” at the time. Today, though, she realizes what a great gift her dad had given her. She’s started her own kids down that path at an even earlier age.

While earning her Bachelors in Business Administration at the University of San Diego, Kalei was a WCAC All-Scholar Athlete on the volleyball team. So, it’s safe to say that she knows how to keep the ball in play. It must run in the family as two of her three daughters are playing volleyball at NCAA Division I schools as well – and rumor has it that the third is on her way.

Kalei joined Cadinha in 2000 as a portfolio manager and analyst, becoming President in 2007, CEO in 2012, and Vice Chair in 2018. It should come as no surprise that what little free time Kalei has is spent at volleyball games.

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“From my very first days here, I learned that the heart of Cadinha is reflected in every person who works here, our work ethic, how we treat our clients, and how we treat each other.”

Leigh-Ann Iha

Executive Manager and Chief Compliance Officer

Leigh-Ann has lived in the islands all her life. She even spent a decade as the controller for a surf shop. And yet, she doesn’t spend much time in the ocean.

But she does have a great appreciation for irony.

Leigh-Ann joined Cadinha in 2016 and serves as our executive manager and chief compliance officer. And, as a self-described “organizational enthusiast” (she keeps two calendars, one electronic and one in an old-school Franklin Planner), she is perfect in that role.

A graduate of the University of Hawaii with a BBA in finance and accounting, Leigh-Ann worked as an auditor at Grant Thornton (where her first day was training in Chicago in the dead of winter), was the controller at Hawaiian Islands Creations (where she wore flip-flops to work, no doubt a reaction to the Chicago experience) and, before joining Cadinha, served for eleven years as VP of Finance and Administration at Toshiba America Business Solutions.

Leigh-Ann is married, has two girls and a dog named Holly. And she knows exactly where they are every minute of every day.

What does Cadinha’s status as a fiduciary mean to you? Click here to find out.

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“It’s far better to learn from others’ mistakes than just your own.”

Neil Rose, CFA

Neil graduated cum laude in economics from Harvard College. As quarterback and captain of the football team, Neil learned how strategies are built and executed, and the virtues of adapting to what the defense gives you. But, perhaps the greatest lesson he learned from his football days was this: Always protect the ball. In a year when the Harvard offense broke most of the school’s passing and offensive records, they still managed to lose as many games as they won. Neil learned the culprit was turnovers. Unforced errors mean the game is mostly yours to lose—no matter how well you play. With a dramatic drop in turnovers the next year, Harvard had its first undefeated season in 88 years. Today, protecting the ball (aka client assets) is at the core of Neil’s work as Cadinha’s chief investment officer.

Neil joined Cadinha in 2002 as a portfolio manager and analyst and, today, serves as our president and chief investment officer, developing strategy and selecting specific investments.

A big fan of Cadinha’s “students of the world” philosophy, Neil once decided he wanted to better understand what was really going on in China. So, he went there. Most people visit China to see the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. Not Neil. He spent the trip touring one of the country’s main industrial and trade centers to get a better take on China’s economy; typical of the extra effort he puts into anything he has a passion for.

When he’s not vacationing in emerging markets, Neil loves books, but admits spending more and more time on white papers and blogs he finds on the Internet.

Find out what’s on Neil’s mind by reading “Neil’s Notes” here.

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olivia fabian

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“Our philosophy has never changed, no matter the economic climate. Consistency creates understanding which, in turn, creates trust.”

Preston Lentz

Vice President

Preston spent seven years as a retail broker with Dean Witter (now Morgan Stanley Smith Barney) before joining Cadinha & Company in 1989. He holds a B.A. from Kenyon College, is a licensed adviser and is involved with client service and sales. During Preston’s time at Cadinha, he’s seen the firm grow from under $100 million in assets under management to approximately $1.7 billion.

In April of 2019 Preston was ordained as an Episcopal priest. What’s really amazing about that is not that it was a six-year journey to ordination, but that the same things that drew him to the priesthood are those that drew him to Cadinha three decades ago – faith and trust.

As an Episcopal priest, nothing is more important to Preston than pastoral care. For thirty years he’s seen the same commitment to client care at Cadinha. The willingness to meet clients where they are in their lives, to listen as carefully as possible to their dreams and concerns, and to serve them in achieving their goals safely and consistently is the same calling for every member of the Cadinha ohana. Not only have clients benefited from the firm’s support and care, but also Preston has been buoyed in his journey by the same.

Preston loves all kinds of music; classical, gospel, country, jazz, devotional. Two of his favorites? “Ode to Joy” by Beethoven and “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles, which he considers to be one of the most powerful modern hymns we have.

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“Building genuine, lasting relationships with our clients is what sets Cadinha apart. We go beyond what is expected and stay true to our principles.”

Robyn Macy

Vice President, Client Services

As an Air Force brat, Robyn moved around a lot. Born in Japan, she didn’t land in Hawaii until high school. And, after two years in California, this is where she chose to put down roots. Why? Well, family, friends, but, really, it was a-lotta-loha. She just loves Hawaii’s vibe.

Robyn serves as the executive assistant to Harlan J. Cadinha and she applies the spirit of “aloha” to her active role in client service every day. She holds a BA in business management from Chaminade University and joined Cadinha & Company in 1990, after two years working in client service with Chrysler Credit Corporation.

Of course, Robyn’s first love is her family. But a close second is her role in client service – helping people. What starts out as an introduction and a business call, over time, becomes a friendship, and discussions turn to a client’s well-being. It’s building that rapport that she loves the most.

So, what’s it like to work with Cadinha? Click here to find out.

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“You can always count on your family to have your back. At Cadinha, our clients are family and they can always count on us to have theirs.”

Skyler Keate

Head Trader and Utah Office Manager

Like many Utah kids, Skyler started skiing as a toddler. Unlike a lot of those kids, he started ski jumping at eight and joined the U.S. Ski Team right out of high school. Skyler competed on the U.S. Nordic Combined team. The quick switch between ski jumping and long-distance cross-country racing helped Skyler to develop the flexibility and mental toughness that he relies on at Cadinha.

These skills served him well on the night of the 2016 presidential election when Donald Trump upset Hillary Clinton and the futures markets went wild. He can’t recall the amount of money he moved, but he does remember his years of training kicking in and thinking, I can do this. And do it he did – through more than 7,500 trades over the next two days.

A graduate of Westminster College in Salt Lake City with a BS in economics, Skyler joined Cadinha in 2016. After interviewing with Wall Street firms (and hoping he wouldn’t get a call back), he found Cadinha to be a perfect fit. He would gladly play any role needed there. He’d even move to Hawaii – and that’s saying a lot coming from a self-professed ski bum.

When he’s not at the trading desk, the snow has melted, and he and his wife have their little girl tucked in, you can find him at the skate park. He’ll be easy to spot since he’ll be the only 30-year-old on the half pipe.

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“Planning will only get you so far; it’s having the right team that makes the difference”

Vicky Canto

Director of Business Development

A graduate of both MIT and the University of Chicago, Vicky says that if she had a superpower, it would be organizing. And as an organizational junkie, it’s no surprise that she launched her career in project management.

After receiving her degree in Civil Engineering from MIT, Vicky joined Skanska USA as a Project Engineer, where she helped clients in the budgeting, scheduling and execution of large-scale construction projects – everything from building a $15 million parking garage in Cambridge to relocating Schlumberger’s research division. When she realized that her engineering and organizational skills needed a complement, she earned an MBA in finance and economics from the University of Chicago.

What followed can only be described as drinking from a firehose, as she landed at GE Capital’s real estate investment group during the financial crisis of 2008. There, she experienced the real-world intricacies of complex financial structures, joint venture agreements, and the importance of choosing good partners. As she says, “The best time to learn is when everything goes sideways.” Vicky later moved on to work at a family office where she planned and implemented real estate investment strategies in the US and abroad, managed a 1.5 million square-foot commercial real estate portfolio in Austin, TX, and oversaw the construction and development of a 400-acre office park.

Today, Vicky focuses on developing new business across all of Cadinha’s product lines, including institutional and private investors.

So, why did she join the team at Cadinha? Same reason we all do. The people.

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“Most things in life are quite simple . . . once you understand them.”

Victor A. Canto, Ph.D.

Chief Economist

Go ahead, pick a random economic event or policy from the last half century and Google it. Then ask Victor about it and watch Google go running back to Mountain View with its tail between its legs. There is literally no one with more knowledge about the history of markets and the governmental policies that drive them than Victor Canto.

He is one of the six investment team members at Cadinha and has acted as our chief economist since day one. In 1997 Victor founded La Jolla Economics in La Jolla, California. Prior to that Victor was an adviser to the Lazard Capital Allocator Series; Chief Investment Officer, Director of Research and portfolio manager at Calport Asset Management; and President and Director of Research at A.B. Laffer/V.A. Canto and Associates.

Victor holds a B.Sc. in civil engineering from MIT as well as an M.A. and Ph.D. in economics from the University of Chicago. And those may be the least impressive of his achievements. His career has included tenured university professorships in finance and economics at USC as well as visiting professorships at UCLA and UCSD. His research, consulting and writing has led to the publishing of several books on economics as well as innumerable articles in leading economic journals.

Dr. Canto’s expertise is sought after not only by Cadinha, but foreign central banks, finance ministers, corporations, universities and governments around the world. In fact, Victor has advised presidential candidates in both the US and abroad regarding their economic platforms.

Victor is married to his high school sweetheart, Ana – aka “The Bee Whisperer,” with whom he has three amazing daughters. His passion in life, after his family and career, is spending time with his Paso Fino horses.

How does Cadinha measure success? Click here to learn.

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“Cadinha and Company is built on family values that create a culture of excellence and integrity.”

YeeWan Manlapit

Executive Assistant

As executive assistant to both our CEO and president, YeeWan is a master of planning and organization. Skills she likely honed putting herself through college while juggling both full- and part-time jobs.

YeeWan holds a degree in liberal arts from Honolulu Community College. She joined Cadinha in 2007 after 25 years in the financial services industry in both investment management and mortgage lending.

The most rewarding part about her role at Cadinha is working with clients – taking projects from start to finish to make sure they don’t have to worry about a thing.

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