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Wealth Management. Financial Planning.
“My front-row seat during the 2007 – 2008 financial crisis has given me a unique appreciation for the time spent and care taken to ensure each of our clients’ specific needs are met, all while limiting the risk necessary in achieving their individual goals.”



You could say that finance is in Arthur’s blood. After all, as founders of la banque Mallet in 1713, the first private bank in France, his family’s been in the business for, oh, about 300 years.

With triple citizenship in the U.S., France and Switzerland, Arthur earned a B.S. in finance from Lehigh University. He had a baptism by fire at Bear, Stearns & Co. during the 2008 financial crisis and joined Cadinha in 2010 where he oversees operations at both the Honolulu and Park City offices. His job is to see that Cadinha is running at peak efficiency.

As a citizen of three nations, you’d think he’d never feel out of place. But Hawaii threw him for a loop. To fight his homesickness he started paddling outrigger canoes. It was a great introduction to some of the things that make Hawaii such a unique and special place. It is an ultimate team sport where the goal is to paddle as one. You trust your teammates not only to take you to a higher level but also to get you safely back to shore. Just like life at Cadinha.

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