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“From my very first days here, I learned that the heart of Cadinha is reflected in every person who works here, our work ethic, how we treat our clients, and how we treat each other.”



Leigh-Ann has lived in the islands all her life. She even spent a decade as the controller for a surf shop. And yet, she doesn’t spend much time in the ocean.

But she does have a great appreciation for irony.

Leigh-Ann joined Cadinha in 2016 and serves as our executive manager and chief compliance officer. And, as a self-described “organizational enthusiast” (she keeps two calendars, one electronic and one in an old-school Franklin Planner), she is perfect in that role.

A graduate of the University of Hawaii with a BBA in finance and accounting, Leigh-Ann worked as an auditor at Grant Thornton (where her first day was training in Chicago in the dead of winter), was the controller at Hawaiian Islands Creations (where she wore flip-flops to work, no doubt a reaction to the Chicago experience) and, before joining Cadinha, served for eleven years as VP of Finance and Administration at Toshiba America Business Solutions.

Leigh-Ann is married, has two girls and a dog named Holly. And she knows exactly where they are every minute of every day.

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