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“It’s far better to learn from others’ mistakes than just your own.”

Neil Rose, CFA


Neil graduated cum laude in economics from Harvard College. As quarterback and captain of the football team, Neil learned how strategies are built and executed, and the virtues of adapting to what the defense gives you. But, perhaps the greatest lesson he learned from his football days was this: Always protect the ball. In a year when the Harvard offense broke most of the school’s passing and offensive records, they still managed to lose as many games as they won. Neil learned the culprit was turnovers. Unforced errors mean the game is mostly yours to lose—no matter how well you play. With a dramatic drop in turnovers the next year, Harvard had its first undefeated season in 88 years. Today, protecting the ball (aka client assets) is at the core of Neil’s work as Cadinha’s chief investment officer.

Neil joined Cadinha in 2002 as a portfolio manager and analyst and, today, serves as our president and chief investment officer, developing strategy and selecting specific investments.

A big fan of Cadinha’s “students of the world” philosophy, Neil once decided he wanted to better understand what was really going on in China. So, he went there. Most people visit China to see the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. Not Neil. He spent the trip touring one of the country’s main industrial and trade centers to get a better take on China’s economy; typical of the extra effort he puts into anything he has a passion for.

When he’s not vacationing in emerging markets, Neil loves books, but admits spending more and more time on white papers and blogs he finds on the internet.

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