Protecting your money.
That’s what makes us different.

You simply cannot build wealth if you experience periodic, severe losses. That’s why Cadinha’s first step is to protect the money you’ve saved.

At Cadinha, we aim for solid investment returns with a special emphasis on capital preservation. To do so, we employ a comprehensive, disciplined top-down/bottom-up strategy.

From the top down, it’s all about the big picture. We analyze macroeconomic trends as well as fiscal and monetary policies to gain a big-picture view of the investment landscape. We use this knowledge to determine which asset classes we believe are undervalued and poised for growth versus those that are becoming overvalued and risky.

Then, from the bottom up, it’s all about the details. We go through a thorough security selection process; carefully studying companies and other investment offerings, targeting undervalued assets that align with our top-down view. Through this top-down/bottom-up approach, we create a forward-looking investment portfolio – one designed to preserve and grow your wealth.

Marrying our view of the macroeconomic environment with each client’s need is the backbone of what we do at Cadinha. It’s what defines us, and sets us apart.

Cadinha’s Investment Process

Cadinha’s Investment Process

Protecting your money.
That’s what makes it grow.

“Money makes money. And the money that money makes, makes money.”


We couldn’t have said it better.

$1,000,000 Investment

Years Compounding

Rate of Return 5%










Initial Loss

Gain Required to Recover Loss

Time Required to Recover Loss



2.2 Years



5.9 Years



14.2 Years



33.0 Years

Rate of Return 5%

Take a look at the compounding chart. At a conservative 5% annual return, your million-dollar investment grows to 2.6 million dollars in just 20 years and 4.3 in another ten. Money makes money.

On the other hand, money lost is very hard to recover. Take a look at the loss chart. Lose half of your assets and you’re looking at over 14 years to get back to where you were. You would have to double your money. Compare that with a 10% loss. To recover from that loss only requires an 11% gain, and, at the same 5% return, takes about 2 years. A 2-year path to recovery of invested capital is much more attainable than a 14-year path. Talk to the tortoise. Slow and steady wins the race.

What makes Cadinha
worthy of your worth?

Aloha. Ohana. Mahalo.

Each of these Hawaiian words embrace part of our approach to client relationships. Aloha – acting with love, compassion and deep respect for others. Ohana – family, building a worthwhile and rewarding relationship. Mahalo – thank you, yes, but it packs a much bigger punch, a deeper sense of gratitude, admiration, praise, esteem, and respect.

We know our clients as we know our own families. And we strive to know not only their financial goals, but their personal goals as well. When we know where you want to go with your life, it helps us to create a map to get you there.

Far from the madding crowd.

We thrive being outside the hustle and bustle of the world’s major financial centers. It helps us avoid the groupthink, industry trends, and conventional wisdom of typical advisers. Though we are based in Hawaii, we have clients throughout the mainland and abroad. And our client relationships remain strong. 

It really is all about you.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, no two people are alike and no two investors are alike, either. That’s why every Cadinha client gets customized portfolio management. We manage your account separately and tailor your portfolio to meet your needs. And your unique goals and tolerance for risk will influence the approach we take to growing your wealth.

And we’re always here. Well beyond your portfolio. Whether it’s a real estate issue or what to do with that pesky gold collecting dust in your safety deposit box, we’re here. 

We always seem to circle back to those three Hawaiian words – aloha, ohana, mahalo – when we talk about our client relationships – respect, family, gratitude.