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“Survival always depends on a healthy cynicism about what is deemed to be the accepted view.”


Chairman and Chief Investment Strategist

Back in the early eighties, Harlan decided to sit for the CFA exam, which is easily as tough as the bar or CPA exam. During the third part of the test (a seven-hour marathon) he was asked to take in all the business and market data about Federated Department Stores, JC Penney and Walmart and then predict which company would be most successful in the future. Harlan chose Walmart. Neither the examiners nor the conventional wisdom liked that choice. Harlan failed the exam.

Today, Federated is struggling and JC Penney is barely hanging on. Walmart’s 2017 sales exceeded the GDP of Poland. So much for the conventional wisdom. And so much for second-guessing Harlan.

As our founder, chairman and chief strategist, Harlan provides that kind of thinking to Cadinha clients. He is responsible for prescribing asset allocation and strategy shifts that take advantage of changes in the economic climate. Harlan’s macroeconomic insights have been the guiding force in our success preserving and growing client wealth — all from a perspective beyond conventional wisdom.

Born in Lahaina, Maui, Harlan is the only son of teacher parents who were born and raised on the Big Island. In addition to family, Harlan’s loves have included surfing, particularly when the waves were ten feet and glassy, football and baseball. If he could do anything other than what he does, all things being the same, he’d be a coach. Of course, to everyone at Cadinha, that’s exactly what he is.

Harlan has been married to Kaleialoha (Kenney) Cadinha for over 50 years. They have two children and six grandchildren.

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