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“You can always count on your family to have your back. At Cadinha, our clients are family and they can always count on us to have theirs.”


Vice President of Operations, Head Trader

Like many Utah kids, Skyler started skiing as a toddler. Unlike a lot of those kids, he started ski jumping at eight and joined the U.S. Ski Team right out of high school. Skyler competed on the U.S. Nordic Combined team. The quick switch between ski jumping and long-distance cross-country racing helped Skyler to develop the flexibility and mental toughness that he relies on at Cadinha.

These skills served him well on the night of the 2016 presidential election when Donald Trump upset Hillary Clinton and the futures markets went wild. He can’t recall the amount of money he moved, but he does remember his years of training kicking in and thinking, I can do this. And do it he did – through more than 7,500 trades over the next two days.

A graduate of Westminster College in Salt Lake City with a BS in economics, Skyler joined Cadinha in 2016. After interviewing with Wall Street firms (and hoping he wouldn’t get a call back), he found Cadinha to be a perfect fit. He would gladly play any role needed there. He’d even move to Hawaii – and that’s saying a lot coming from a self-professed ski bum.

When he’s not at the trading desk, the snow has melted, and he and his wife have their little girl tucked in, you can find him at the skate park. He’ll be easy to spot amongst all of the teenagers on the half pipe.

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