Worth. Worthy.

Beyond Net Worth.

Net worth is a term that you hear a lot in our industry. Your immediate reaction to the word worth is probably dollars in the bank. But, is that how you would describe your worth? Isn’t your worth really the greater sum of everything you spent your lifetime working for? Prosperity for sure. But happiness, love, learning, sharing, opportunity, enjoyment and balance – aren’t those the true measurements of worth? We think so.

And that’s why we do what we do. Through straightforward and thoughtful investment management and unconventional financial planning, we help you preserve and grow your wealth in a way that considers your worth as a whole. At Cadinha, worth is much more than dollars in the bank. It is defined by the life those dollars allow you to live. A life worthy of the work you’ve put into it.

For over 40 years, Cadinha & Company has been helping high-net-worth individuals and institutions achieve their financial goals by first and foremost, preserving the assets they have built, and then by growing those assets. Our perspective, instinct and experience, gained through managing wealth in every kind of market, may prove invaluable to you.

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