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Cadinha’s Response to the Wildfires on Maui

Dear Friends and Family,

We are heartbroken for our family and friends of Maui. Yet, we remain grateful to the fearless first responders and community members who work tirelessly to save lives and extinguish these horrible fires. We also remain hopeful that through this tragedy, aloha, mana`olana (hope) and kaiāulu (community) prevail. It is in this spirit that we want to respond and provide guidance to those who have reached out asking how they can help Lāhainā.
As a Board member of the Hawaii Community Foundation (HCF), I’ve witnessed a quick response to many unexpected needs of communities throughout the state, especially during tragic moments such as these. As such, please join us in prayer for Lāhainā and the other areas of Maui stricken by wildfires. For those interested in donating to a qualified organization to help these communities on Maui, we recommend donating directly to the Maui Strong Fund at HCF. The Maui Strong Fund was created to provide resources for disaster response and recovery on the island of Maui and is currently being used to support communities affected by the wildfires. To donate, please visit
Times like these call for both compassion and strength as we are reminded of how precious life is.

Stay safe and Aloha, Always.
Kaleialoha K. Cadinha-Pua’a
President and CEO

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Kaleialoha K. Cadinha-Pua‘a
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