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Preparing for the “What if…” in the Election

Investors are now trying to build Trump portfolios as well as Hillary portfolios in order to be sure that they set sail after the election with the wind at their back. After all, it seems almost certain that the two candidates have been picked. There is one nagging thought in my mind that just won’t go away…why is the FBI investigation of Hillary taking so long? Could it be that the process is being dragged out by the powers that be in order to avoid giving the nomination to Bernie Sanders? It seems logical that if Hillary is charged before securing the nomination, the nomination might then default to the one remaining candidate, Bernie Sanders. However, if the investigation is concluded after Hillary secures the nomination, couldn’t her delegates be given to a nominee endorsed by Hillary? Might that person be Joe Biden? Strangely, Elizabeth Warren has been recently emerging in the media, as has Joe Biden, with mention that Senator Warren would make a good Vice President. My cynical nature suggests that investors will be well served by building a third portfolio; a Biden/Warren one.

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