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It’s the season of giving. And it’s true that it always feels just a bit better to give rather than receive. At Cadinha, we take that to heart. And during the holidays, we like to reflect on what we’ve done throughout the year to make our home a better place. Cadinha and its employees have given – financially or of themselves – to more than 40 different local non-profits this year. Everything from Hawaii Community Foundation to Hawaii Public Radio and Parents and Children Together to Hawaii Humane Society.

What’s your gifting plan? Take a look at our story on giving. It’s a quick read and we think you’ll enjoy it. Then give us a call and let us help you navigate your generosity.

Happy Holidays to you and yours from everyone at Cadinha & Company.

In “The Gift of the Magi,” O. Henry’s classic tale of star-crossed gift giving, two young newlyweds are struggling to find gifts for one another within their limited means. Jim longs to give Della ornamental combs for her beautiful hair and Della has her eye on a platinum chain for Jim’s beloved pocket watch. But money is tight. So, Jim sells his watch to buy Della’s combs while she cuts and sells her hair to pay for the watch chain.

Of course, when they exchange their gifts, each receives something for which they no longer have any use. In the process, however, they learn just how far each is willing to go to show their love and how priceless that love really is.

The dreamers among us are touched by a love so deep. While those with a bit more jaundiced eye see the comic irony and are left thinking that, had Jim and Della put a little more thought into their predicament, they might have found a better solution. Like maybe a puppy.

But we think the lesson learned is this. While our desire to give comes from the heart, giving wisely requires a bit of thought.

The greater your worth, the more complicated giving it away becomes. And you may find yourself longing for the salad days when simply pawning your watch and getting a haircut would get the job done.

Fear not, gentle reader, that’s where Cadinha comes in. We are experts at unraveling the complexities of charitable and generational giving.

The stakes are high when managing large inheritances in an ever-changing tax landscape. Or when transitioning a business to the next generation. Or gifting favorite charities with lasting legacies while continuing to provide for your heirs. Every client’s situation is unique. Yet they are all common in their complexity.

Here are just a few:

  • Unwinding complicated ownership positions
  • Private family business transitions
  • Charitable gifting programs
  • Moving assets to future generations
  • Succession planning
  • Transitioning to retirement
  • Estate planning

Cadinha is able to help our clients make sense of these complex life transitions. The big sigh of relief on the other side of these challenges is a sound we love to hear. It means you’re breathing easy again. And that we’ve done our job.

So, at this time of year, when your heart is more inclined to give, and your brain naturally turns to the tax implications of following your heart, give us a call.

And, unlike Jim and Della, we’ll make sure that your gifting doesn’t result in anyone taking a haircut.

For our brochure on giving and other services where Cadinha goes beyond investment management, please fill out this form.

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